Celebrating those who have transformed their lives with a personal health plan.

“Working with Jessica Royston has been a life-changing experience. Her knowledge, along with her enthusiasm, makes her an invaluable resource. She took the time to get to know me and truly discover what my needs were. At each meeting I was met with great ideas, great recipes and great energy. I was given the opportunity to ask questions based on the material presented as well as on anything else I was in need of knowing. Jessica followed up promptly with additional information via email and was available for questions in-between sessions. She is starting a natural revolution and everyone should get on board!" - Lisa S.


"I had such a wonderful experience working this program with Jessica! I knew I was in need of some serious life changes to improve my health. At first my focus was to drop some weight to feel better about myself, but then my mindset changed to better nutrition and way of living as the weeks flew by. I had no idea the potential damage I was doing to my body by the toxic food I was eating. Jessica gave me the information and guidance I needed to make those changes for good. She was so encouraging and supportive throughout the entire program, I know I couldn't have made such important changes without her. I owe her so much gratitude for helping me improving my health!" - Sara W.


"Through the Jes' program I learned how to become a healthier individual all around.  I learned about a variety of foods that I never knew existed, and their benefits.  I learned how to choose healthier versions of the foods I already enjoyed eating, and learned many new delicious recipes.  I now can go food shopping and easily read a label and know if it is a product I should buy or avoid.  This program has changed my life and my family's for the better." - Jaimee G. 


"Working with Jessica has been a life-changing experience! Before meeting her, I felt that eating healthy was a complicated science that I would never be able to comprehend. I also thought I would loathe food and be on an emotional rollercoaster for the rest of my life.  Once I started working with her, my attitudes towards food and healthy living completed changed!! She makes eating healthy so incredibly easy. She listened to my personal story and customized the program based on my specific needs. She has gone above and beyond to make sure that I have all the resources I need to make the best choices everyday.  I actually look forward to cooking and eating well everyday! The best part is that I am now confident that I can make these changes for good!  I have enjoyed Jessica's program so much and I didn't want it to end, so I signed up for another 6 months!" - Sindhu N.


“I can't thank Jessica enough for all her guidance on leading me to a healthier life.  She not only changed my way of eating, but has also led me to better the eating habits of my whole family.  Before working with Jes my 3-year old daughter and I were addicted to sugar, and I thought I could never change.  However, she opened my eyes to the dangers of sugar; she helped me overcome my sugar addiction and get my daughter off it as well.  At the same time, I was able to lose every last pound of baby weight and more!  At each session Jessica was so upbeat and supportive.  She has taught me a wealth of information on natural eating and healing that I will continue to use throughout my life.  This is information everyone can benefit from, and Jessica is definitely the person to guide you on this natural health revolution.“ - Jeni M.


“Working with Jessica was one of the best decisions I could have made for myself and my family. After having a baby I felt stuck with my eating and my weight. I heard about her health coaching program so I decided to meet with her and see what the program was all about. After our first meeting I knew that this was just what I needed. Jessica is one of the kindest and caring people ever. In our sessions she explain what and why certain food are healthy. She broke down what types of food I should be eating and what to steer clear of. What I didn't know when I signed up was all the amazing information Jessica would share with me about how to feed and keep my son healthy. She has a great knowledge on how to make baby food all the way to where to shop to keep costs down. I can't stress enough how life changing this program has been.  Thank you so much Jessica, from my whole family!!!" - Becky A.


"I am so happy I made a decision to work with Jessica.  The information and tools I received from her counseling have changed my life!  I knew I had do something about my eating habits, but I had no idea how I was going to manage it.  I was so overwhelmed and with Jessica's support it became easy to take the necessary steps to start living healthy again.  Her approach of "crowding out" really worked for me.  I felt good about replacing and not limiting my food choices.  I learned about new foods and how to eat clean. Thank you, Jessica, for all of your help and wisdom." - Rebecca S.