Why It's Important To Cleanse

June 13, 2017





My clients often say to me "I just need a FRESH start, but I'm not sure HOW to begin!"

To which I now have the perfect answer. Cleanse. 


One week. Eat clean. Elimination diet. Plant protein shake. Supplements. Water. Light exercise.


Why? Over time, because of our overly processed food, environment, skin care and more, our bodies build up toxins which need to be released with the help of a restricted whole food diet and high-quality supplements. We're exposed to harmful substances all the time; they're in our diet (pesticides, microbes, mercury) and the very air we breathe (cleaning products, car exhaust, bug control sprays).


Lose weight, gain energy, increase focus and detox your body from the inside out with a 7 day healthy cleanse. At the end, your brain fog is lifted and you have fewer cravings for the junk that is the easiest to reach for when we are trying to eat healthy - sugar and simple carbs.


Ladies, my husband did this challenge with me a few months back and felt a HUGE difference. He even discovered some underlying health issues while cleansing, including a high sensitivity to glucose. A huge surprise blessing that has completely changed his diet! This was a concern that would not have been uncovered had he not taken the time to cleanse.


Healthy digestion is an important part of your overall wellness. We need to help our bodies detoxify to restore and maintain digestive balance. Cleansing also helps improve sleep and hunger management!


For full details on the specific cleanse I do personally and lead in small groups, comment below or email me. Your gut will thank you.


Sources and Additional Reading:


Dr. Mehmet Oz, March 2012.

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