Natural Family Planning

I will start this post out by saying I LOVE MY BOYS! They are my moon and stars and I loved them as babies and I love them now but...I don't want any more! If it happens, well that's God's plan, but right now I am happy as a boy mom of two. So when my hubs and I decided we wanted to keep at it (sorry, mom!) but protect ourselves, OF COURSE I went the natural route.

I have seen too many women effected by the side effects of birth control pills, IUDs, shots and whatever else they have out there today. I'm not even going to list the effects here, just Google search or ask your gynecologist. If she says there is none, find a new gynecologist. Remember, empower yourself to make the best decisions for you and your family. Don't let others you think know you better make decisions for your body. Including me!

What I want to educate you on today is what has worked for us. Since I have studied the bad of the BC pill, I knew it was not something I was willing to put into my body every day. A vasectomy? Maybe some day. But it does not feel right for us right now. So I got some tips from like-minded friends and bought what is called a basal body thermometer.

Your basal body temperature (waking temperature) is slightly lower in the first cycle phase and increases by 0.25-0.45°C around the time of ovulation. A device like Daysy (which is what I chose) tracks this as well as your menstrual cycle to give you the fertile and non-fertile days of the month. It plugs all this info into a nice easy-to-use app. Not only can you safely and naturally prevent pregnancy, but you can PLAN your pregnancy as well! I wish I had this when we were trying for the boys. So much guess work taken out!

Bonus? You know when you are getting your period (roughly) even a few months ahead so plan that vacay accordingly because there is nothing worse than packing tampons along with bikinis.

Now you know I can't end talking about sanitary products without asking if you've been hearing how toxic they are to us girls? TSS was the only thing I heard about when I was young, but what is IN these products and UP there all the time is terrible! Click link on my homepage for links to Thrive Market where I purchase my non-toxic feminine products and also my Daysy. If you want to use my affiliate links, that would be cool and I thank you in advnace. You can see I only partner with companies I research and use myself.

Would love to know what you think of either product if you use or order them!

Sources and Additional Reading:

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