Why + What I Supplement

I know! Some of you out there (including my fellow coaches) might be rolling your eyes. And I get it.

The nutraceutical industry has made a mess of potentially good products. Costco now sells fish oil by the gallon; direct sales companies have crap soy sugar shakes that promise to be the next best way to lose weight and gain muscle. I stay away from 99% of things, but I do know supplementation is important for some specific reasons and specific people. I, as a Holistic Health Coach, cannot prescribe nutraceuticals to my clients, but I do suggest they research some that I either take myself and give to my family to see if they would be a good fit. And I remind them, it is not a magic pill or powder that allows you to eat junk! The word supplement literally means something that completes or enhances something else when added to it.

Top 5 Questions I Ask Supplement Companies:

1. Are your final products organic and free of pesticides, herbicides and chemicals?

2. What are the ingredients in the product, and what country did they come from?

3. Is each bottle (not random testing) proven to be free from pesticides, heavy metals and lead?

4. Who is doing the clinical studies on your products?

5. Have results from studies of this product been published in trusted medical journals?

What I Think The Average Person Needs:

(PS - ask your doctor if you have a good one)

(PSS - if you don't, find a good one who practices functional medicine)

• Strain-Specific Probiotic (with prebiotics)

• Multivitamin/Mineral

These two fundamentals bridge the gap between what we eat, don't eat enough of and what is lacking in our food because of poor soil.

I Also Choose To Take:

• Ayurvedic and Chinese herbs for mood, energy and focus (I'm a Mompreneur, baby!)

• Chickpea protein powder

• Seed fiber for digestive help

• Superfoods blend

• Fish Oil (when I don't eat local Florida fish)

Would I love to get ALL I need out of my food? Heck yeah...but we usually don't unless we are eating organic vast varieties of it so I don't want to take my chances. I check in on how I'm feeling often, get immune boosting IVs before I travel and get bloodwork done every few months.

Sometimes even if everything looks ok, we still don't feel okay - so listen to your body. You could have wacky symptoms that don't even seem like they are connected to a deficiency, but they could be.

Remember to research who and where you are buying from! If you need some help with brands, ask me. I've researched most and if I have yet to hear of them, I'll help you investigate!

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