So, What Do You Eat?

I think I get asked this question more than what my kid's names are or where I went to nutrition school. I think it's because those that know me well or follow me or heck, even just chat with me for a bit know that I never state I am on a specific diet or go after a dogmatic way of eating. I politely decline offers for some groups of foods and gladly run to others, but not always consistently. Why? Because I know what makes me feel good. I know when my body can handle ingredients on occasion and which manmade chemicals I will not under any circumstance ingest. I will dive more into the whys of this at a later date, but for now, a short list of my never, rarely, and sometimes will, hopefully, put this question to rest. I hope you can learn a little bit along the way. It's taken me 10+ years to make it to the point where I crave no sugar, don't drink and can still go out with my friends for a good time! (PS - you can, too!)


food dye

artificial sweeteners

hydrogenated oils

fast food




pork (I was destined to be a vegetarian since I was young - not saying these are always unhealthy options)

highly processed foods

anything I cannot pronounce or buy by itself

high-fructose corn syrup


dairy (mostly if its in a dish in small amounts, like a Caesar salad)

added cane sugar (again, small amounts like in my favorite Energy drink - the good must outweigh the bad)



fried foods


tofu and other soy products


fresh fish

non-glutenous grains

minimally processed foods (5 ingredients or less)

This list is far from complete. Just the food or edible food-like substances (thanks, Michael Pollan) that I can think of on a Monday night. These lists also apply to my kids. Yes, it makes birthday parties hard at times, but I smile as they eat their pizza and bring them organic lollipops dyed with beets for dessert. Guess what, moms? They survive.

I will definitely elaborate on these in the future during the Food Focus series, so if you have questions of why my never list is non-negotiable. Follow along and ask any questions below!

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Photo Cred: Brooke Lark

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