Natural Ways to Increase Metabolism

June 4, 2019






Hello, Summer! Yes, we all feel better when we fit in our swimsuits, but more important than having a great beach bod is getting rid of stored fat to help all the systems of our body run efficiently. 


Our metabolism is the process of the body turning calories we consume into usable energy. Calories are really a measure of energy and our body depends on getting enough of them to keep us functioning in all aspects of life.


Every single system within the body, from the endocrine system to digestive system, is linked to our rate of energy production at the cellular level.


A strong metabolism is beneficial for immune function, lower rates of infectious and degenerative diseases, fertility and a healthy sex drive, lean muscle mass, having more energy and vigor, brain functionality, longevity, and much more. Your brain is actually one of the biggest benefiters of a strong metabolic rate, since its energy demands are extremely high — approximately 16 times more energy is needed to keep the brain working than to support skeletal muscle!


Your metabolism is determined by several factors, including your genetic makeup, body composition (percent of muscle mass and fat), gender, hormonal health, level of activity, and age. Some of these factors are within your control (like muscle mass and activity level), while others are not (genetics and age).


There are some proven metabolism boosters that can kick-start the body into using calories more efficiently which helps protect the body from disease and slows signs of aging. There are also several roadblocks that can keep you from seeing results. You may have already tried dieting, eating less and exercising more, and haven’t seen the results you believe you should have.



If that’s the case, these common issues may be getting in the way:


  • Blood sugar issues/insulin resistance 

  • Thyroid issues 

  • Leaky gut 

  • Adrenal fatigue 

  • Cellular toxicity 

  • Candida 

  • Lack of motivation and time 


Some metabolism power foods to add into your diet:


1. Apple Cider Vinegar

2. Plant Protein

3. Bone Broth

4. Coconut

5. Sprouted Seeds

6. Vegetables

7. Green Tea

8. Garlic


Did you know that if you feed your body all-natural, organic, healthy foods that it knows how to digest that you wouldn’t have to count calories at all? That’s right!



Sources and Additional Reading:

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