Are Your Hormones Functioning Optimally?

Do you ever feel like those sneaky little hormones are taking over?

NEWSBREAK: They have a lot of power!

For many years, I had no idea how much control they had over me or that I had any control over them. Things like weight fluctuations, PMS, heavy bleeding, brain fog, unstable blood sugars (even if you’re not diabetic), hair loss, sleep and even joint pain may be caused by our hormones. I used to think we’re just supposed to feel this way.

Ugh, could you imagine if that was true?

Not for me, I’ll pass on all that.

Women have 8 MAJOR hormones and they do a whole lot of stuff including supporting:

  • Heart, brain and bone health

  • Cholesterol levels

  • Urinary tract

  • Skin and hair

  • Breast health

  • Cardiovascular health

  • Nervous system health

  • Mood

  • Anxiety

  • Producing energy

  • Metabolism

  • Immune system

It doesn’t stop there either. These hormones that are not talked about nearly enough could be wreaking havoc on your body, if you’re not taking care of them. But you ask, how in the world do I take care of them if I already have enough going on in my life?

The thought of having to do anything more than all of the responsibilities you already have could knock you out and make you not ever want to get back up. What I want to tell you is that this could be pretty simple if you look at it this way.

I’m about to give you a list of things to do that can be done in place of things you’re already doing. Let’s crowd some stuff out, rather than add things in. Mama, you’ve got more than enough on your plate and I would never expect you to add any more to it. After all, I’m a mama also who helps other women make changes that will help them be healthy now while preventing future illness and disease, especially the pandemic of cancer that is happening in our world.

By making you do anything extra will only bring you more stress - which is a leading cause of cancer and disease.

If you listen up and replace the things below with things that you’re already doing, it will make this so much easier for you. And it will make you feel so much better than you do now!

  1. Slowly replace low fat foods with full fat - yes, you’re reading this right!

  2. Remove processed sugars from your diet - fruit and natural sugars are ok!

  3. Include protein, (good) fat and carbs in every meal.

  4. Detox at least every few months - you don’t have full control of the toxins entering your body daily.

  5. Buy organic & non-gmo as much as possible.

  6. Take a breather every day - release those toxins from stress.

  7. Replace plastics with BPA-free alternatives.

  8. Limit toxins in your cleaning and self-care products.

These really don’t give you extra things to do. When you do your shoppings, you’re just looking for different things and I know that could add on a few hours to your shopping time, but I can help with that. It’s so much easier to have a set list before heading out than it it is to sit and read ingredient labels on a million things. If you’re ready to make some simple yet big changes, check out how I can help you below.

You can schedule a Shop Toxic Free Strategy Session with me so we can create a list for you that will take time off your current shopping and send you home with all non-toxic stuff that will make you feel so much better about what you’re doing for yourself and your family.

Just imagine… Balanced hormones that give you much more energy, normal menstruation cycles, clear skin so you don’t look like an 18 year old, healthy brain, heart, skin and hair, and much lower chances of being diagnosed not only with cancer but all illness and disease.

Mama, it’s your turn to get those hormones functioning optimally!

Melissa Kessler is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, better known as your Cancer-Fighting Coach. She has been working with women for the last 5 years on healing autoimmune symptoms and general health. After losing her mom to endometrial cancer, she realized how important it was to focus on women's health and helping them reduce their risks of cancer. All the other stuff pretty much gets taken care of when you get on a cancer risk-reduction journey. Melissa has made a commitment to herself, to God and to all the women in the world who fear ever being diagnosed, that she will do whatever she has the power to do to empower them, while bringing their inner joy out, to take their health and life in their own hands so nobody ever has to hear those 3 scary words.

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