Food Focus: Beets

That bright red color that stains everything! The delicious juice that has been cleansing our bods in a trendy way over the last few years. Of course, for good reason. Here are my top 3 of why beets should be included in your weekly diet as often as you can stand the stain.

1. Liver Health/Detox Pathways Our livers need plenty of nutrients such as iron, antioxidants, betaine, vitamin B, etc. to keep your liver active and healthy. Beets contain all these nutrients! It is known to thin the bile and allow easy flow of it in the liver and small intestine. Miraculously, this vegetable keeps our liver healthy by eliminating toxins from it. The fiber is also responsible to clear out toxins making sure they don’t build up in your body, helping out detox pathways.

2. Folic Acid Levels Pregnant mamas listen up! Folate is a nutrient that is something pregnant women need to keep the body strong and the baby healthy. Beets contain plenty. It is also essential for unborn babies because it helps in the proper formation of the spinal cord. Folic acid also prevents the unborn baby from many conditions including spina bifida. Moreover, pregnant women require a lot of energy to maintain their health as well their baby’s health!

3. Aids Constipation Thanks to the dietary fiber found in the fuchsia root veggie, it eases constipation, which is a truly irritating health problem, now linked to many chronic diseases and mental wellness issues! Beetroot is known to work as a great laxative, which helps in regularizing your bowel movement. It's also widely used as a colon cleanser and is said to flush out toxins from your stomach. That is why it's often used on a juice cleanse! I always add it to fresh pressed juices.

Antioxidants. Anti-Inflammatory. Amazing.

Add beets to your salad, smoothie or juice today! It's listed as one of the top healthiest foods on earth!

Photography: Dianazh, Getty Images

150 Healthiest Foods on Earth. Bowden, Jonny. 2007.

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