One Word 2019

The first day of a new calendar year. This day was always a strange one for me. I'm a traditionalist. I love the holiday season and was always a little let down by it ending. There was a lot of pressure on what the next year would bring and for me, often a feeling of longing for the previous year. So many were excited for the new and I felt out of place being content.

The leap into 2019 is not much different. As a family, my boys and I had a great year. The days felt long at times and schedules crazy, but when I reflect - this year was epic.

On a personal note, this year I left a company I was with for years and I closed my freelance design business. It was one of those years where I was holding on to a lot of things just in case something didn't work out, I had backups. But you know what happened when I tried to make the lists upon lists of goals, projects, and people I wanted to help? My focus was completely lost. I did all things mediocre.

Early yesterday morning before the sun came up, I decided to approach this year a bit differently. Today, I want to share in case it helps you. After all, that is why I started this blog - to help my mamas!

I have to thank my friend and fellow wellness pro Jaci Mikels for this idea. I saw on social that she had picked a word to represent her year. I looked up some devotionals and other inspiring material to help me know what word God wanted to drop on my heart in 2019 and it became pretty clear pretty fast: FOCUS.

I spent '18 scattered - 4 businesses, multiple ministries, 2 young kids, 2 birds and more. They all got my attention, but not my focused attention. I was in one place physically and another mentally. Starting now if what I chose to use my hours for are not in line with what I decided to focus on this year, it won't happen.

The cool thing about setting one word for your year is that you can easily keep track of the things you are spending time and energy on to see if they are helping or hurting your overall goal. And other words spring from your chosen word! For example, if I focus on what is truly important to me, I will prosper. I will be disciplined. I will be more present. I will breathe.

See what I mean? So I ask...what is your word? Instead of writing down 1,000 goals that will be dropped by March, I challenge you to go back to your WHY. Figure out what is important to you this year and chose a word to represent it. Then tell us! We need accountability partners.

Use the links below to for some good methods to help you pick.

Happy New Year and thank you for all your support in 2018!

The best is yet to come.

Happy 70th Birthday to my amazing mama!

Photography: M. Wheeler

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