Thanksgiving Recovery Plan

A group of 15 women last year, in a small church group focused on nutrition, were shocked when I told them on Thanksgiving whatever. They were like "but you always say...not to...and this is better..." and YES, they had every right to be shocked! Yet, I know behavioral issues when it comes to foods and if my friends, family, and clients want to take a one day clean eating break, I'd rather them go guilt-free than tumbling down into the hole of the meal that lasts from Thanksgiving to New Years.

Since now the drinks are drank, the pie is eaten and we're getting ready for the new set of holidays, let me give you my top 3 tips to recover from the holiday where we all overdo it.

Tip #1: Get back on that horse.

It's done. You ate, laughed, drank, ate some more. Now forget about it. Go to the clean eating habits you had before last Thursday hit. Leftovers should be shared. The dessert needs to get thrown out. Eat "lightly" for the next few days especially. A smoothie for breakfast (blueberries, half a banana or an avocado, chickpea protein powder and almond milk is my new fave) and cut the gluten and dairy.

Tip #2: Remember this next time.

Everyone that came into my office today complained about how they were feeling. Bloated, fatigued, foggy head. I have to say the ones who worked with me in the past did exceptionally well getting back to eating clean right after (whoo!) but also felt the worst. Why? Their bodies were not used to it anymore! I gently reminded them that gut destroyers like gluten don't care about holidays. They still make you feel like junk! Next year upgrade your meal a bit - GF stuffing (yes, it's good!) and some homemade desserts made with real ingredients and love.

Tip #3: Take care of your microbiome.

We are starting to discover we are not really what we eat, but what we absorb. If our gut microbiome is not in tip top shape, EVERYTHING suffers. Our mental wellness, our sleep, our nutrients. I chose to supplement with pre/probiotics each morning, as well as some other gut brain axis foods to ensure my immune and digestive system are always running optimally, for days when eating perfectly is just not an easy option! #thanksgiving #irishsodabread

I sincerely hope you and your family have a beautiful holiday season and that you feel just as amazing going through the New Year! If you feel you need a little extra support, join me in my Project B3 (brain, body, biome) program that runs now until 2019! Don't wait to feel great.

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Photography: Priscilla Du Preez

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