The Anxiety Epidemic

Yesterday I got a small dose of what many I talk to experience every single day: ANXIETY. Specifically, the physical effects of this gut brain issue. Mine was caused by a situation. My 4 year old needed a tooth pulled under anesthesia and although I had fought it for months, it was the best decision for him. (Nothing like getting a tooth knocked out at a wild birthday party filled with energetic boys!)

Starting the night before, I couldn't sleep well. Thoughts were racing. I prayed for peace and was finally able to fall asleep. But I saw a glimpse of how insomnia can drive someone mad.

The morning of, I felt ok. We were busy with keeping him busy until he went in and the adrenaline kept my energy up and mind busy. I did remember to eat and drink as I normally do, which I know helped me in the end. I really did not realize how bad this could feel.

Then the trip to the dentist and in the waiting room. Slightly shaky, shallow breaths and nausea while Jake ran around not noticing a thing - thank God! Before this story seems too dramatic - our son is totally fine.

After we got home, I was so exhausted and achy from the day of stress and worry, I began to reflect on how some people deal with this, on an even higher scale, every single day. It broke my heart. Sometimes it's situational like mine was; others are an issue with the neurotransmitters that causes them to be in a constant state of fight or flight. This was already a part of my mission as a health coach - to help my clients cope with this. Now, my empathy causes me to want to help even more! A few tips below can help you out if you are a sufferer from anxiety, but please feel free to reach out to me on a personal level to get a treatment plan best for you from my team of experts.


Daily apps like Headspace or Abide will help focus your day and bring awareness around your thoughts.

Water Therapy

Calming and connecting with nature. We are 80% water!

Herbal Supplements


• Promotes healthy mental cognition

• Supports healthy energy levels

• Improves stress management

• Enhances mood & focus


• Elevates mood and mental clarity

• Lowers stress hormone levels

• Decreases everyday feelings of anxiousness


• Increases serotonin levels

• Boosts mood

• Reduces stress markers in the body


• Traditionally used to promote healthy reactions to stress

• Supports normal adrenal function

• Promotes calmness without causing drowsiness

Addition reading and resources:

Institute for Integrative Nutrition, 2018

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