Plants vs Cancer

Sometimes, when we hear cancer, it feels like the fight is useless and the battle is over. Mindset and faith is a huge part of healing, so when we know there are specific foods out there to help prevent and (dare I say) beat cancer, we had better listen up!

After graduating nutrition school, I wanted more info about everything having to do with healing foods, so I enrolled myself in the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine lead by Dr. Andrew Weil. He was offering several classes, but the one I jumped on first was called "Nutrition and Cancer". Interesting since nutrition is rarely discussed as a treatment or prevention for this dreaded disease in conventional medicine.

Throughout the course, we were educated on the common causes of DNA damage, cancer prevention and progression, explanation of cancer cells and dietary causes, lignans and their important, and bioactive food constituents which is I will be focusing on today.

There are 5 phytochemicals in plants that help prevent cancer:


These are found in orange, red and deep greens fruits and vegetables like carrots, tomatoes and spinach. These may help prevent cancers like that of the prostate.


Berries, teas, chocolate, asparagus, purple grapes, olives, flaxseeds and citrus are a source of this plant chemicals, known to prevent cancer by their anti-inflammatory properties. They increase detoxification and suppress the replication of cancerous cells.

Phenolic Acids

Mustard, oats, apples, pears, berries, oranges, prunes, strawberries and yes, coffee! Like flavonoids, these may help reduce the risk through similar mechanisms.


Garlic, leeks, onions, chives, cruciferous vegetables, horseradish and mustard greens contain these sulfers and all together, sound like an amazing dinner dish! They protect us against a wide variety of cancers.


These foods are somewhat controversial, but soy and whole grains contain these plant estrogens that may reduce the risk of cancers associated with tissues of the reproductive systems, such as breast and prostate cancers. My personal recommendation is to only eat organic fermented soy and non-GMO whole, sprouted grains.

Add a few of these into your daily diet and know your body is fighting this disease at cellular level! Which do you eat regularly? What do you want to try?

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