First Mental Wellness Symposium

Wondering what Green Mama Tribe was doing in California last week? Attending the first ever Mental Wellness Symposium!

When I first learned about the gut brain axis, I was amazed. I dove into an advanced nutrition course at my school where I was educated on just how much the vagus nerve mattered to how we feel each and every minute of each and every day.

Then I started seeing how many of my clients wanted to work out, wanted to eat better, but literally didn't have it in them - no motivation, no vigor for life. Their poor eating choices and even biological factors that are completely out of their control was effecting the way that they lost (or gained) weight, their energy levels, ability to sleep, ability to think, and much more.

When I found Amare Global, I could not believe a start up company was pioneering the exact supplements that I learned, in my class, were needed! Down to the specific probiotic strain! I put myself on them first to be a true tester and didn't share with anyone until I made sure every last detail matched up with what I learned in my school. One hundred percent match.

So the nutrition nerd in me listened closely and took copious amounts of notes this weekend while listening to Chief Science Officer, Dr. Shawn Talbott. New ingredients from Japan, items made without any sugar, and cutting-edge technology to get these products to us without ANY compromise.

The mission to start to TALK about and HEAL mental wellness issues was also a big passion project for me. I had someone very close to me suffer with PPD and her family didn't want too many to know about it. The shame around how we "feel" needs to end. It's not a problem in our head - its a problem in our guts! And a problem that can be solved with a natural, holistic approach. I believe this whole heartedly.

I will be releasing more information on the newly launched products over the next few days on my Jes Royston fanpage on Facebook as well as my Green Mama Tribe group. Gut brain axis foods AND a kids line! Can you feel my excitement? God-given solutions for our children?! Quality foods for us?!

Stay tuned, follow along, and if you just can't wait, check this website for immediate info:

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I help busy mamas go from burnout to mental vigor using the gut brain axis.


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