Goal Digger: How To Get There

Get where? To wherever YOU want to be.

It seems people mostly write down goals for a new calendar year. Maybe even in September when the kids go back to school and us moms can think straight again. But how about starting each month or each week with goals to keep yourself on track and motivated! No stress here - this actually helps get things out of your swirling head and onto paper, organized and thought out. Easier.

I usually ask my clients to give me 1, 3 and 6 month goals at the start of their program so I can #1 keep them accountable and #2 know where I need to help direct them. Want to know the best part of setting goals? REACHING THEM!

And you can - but you need a plan. Like I quoted on Instagram yesterday, "A goal without a plan is just a wish." I wish I was 20 pounds lighter, I wish I could work out 30 minutes each day, I wish I could grow my business while being home with my kids. Guess what comes with "wishing"? Excuses.

I'll tell you the recent change in mindset that helped me reach some goals I set (high) for August. And I will even give concrete examples so you know I'm not lyin'! Come on, you trust me by now, right?!

Last January I partnered with a company that has a line of supplements that help specifically with the gut brain axis, which is what I concentrated on during nutrition school. It was a perfect fit and I knew I could help other health coaches help their businesses and clients by presenting the opportunity and asking them to join my team.

I set a goal of 10 coaches. It was a long shot and I knew it. But I felt the need to be in collaboration with my peers instead of competition. So I set out to find those I thought would be a good fit. I prayed. With my plans and God's faithfulness, He opened doors and I met my goals.

Now, in reaching these goals I didn't really focus on what the Amare Global corporation would do if I met them. I more knew I wanted a team of people to bounce ideas off of and introduce them to a product that I have seen help MANY in my practice.

But because I knew if I met this goal, others in the compensation plan would be met as an action, I acted like I had already found my people. I booked a trip to California for a gut health symposium before I knew I would get the airfare and hotel comped. I even flew out there a day early with my two dear friends that were invited to an event I had not yet earned. I got my kids passports before knowing I would qualify for a trip to Mexico at a five star resort.

And guess what happened because of my focus, determination and God's will?

I am going to Cali for free.

I am attending the leaders' event.

I am able to take my family to Cancun.

Am I telling you this to brag? HECK NO! I am sharing this because I want you to know you can reach any goal you have a plan for aligned with your purpose if you believe you can and take action steps to get there! I went from "oh, no, that kind of stuff is not meant for me" to "I deserve this and I'm going to work hard to get there!"

Whether you have a goal related to health, a goal for your home, your children, your job, your ministry, your personal life, your hobby...write it down, be clear on your why, and make a plan to get it done.

What goals and dreams are in your heart right now that you are not making happen because of fear, procrastination or unbelief? Share with me. I would love to encourage you!

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I help busy mamas go from burnout to mental vigor using the gut brain axis.


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