My Morning Routine

I give basically all my clients the challenge of changing their morning routine because if you change your morning routine, the rest of your day is set up to be more successful. I believe the first things we put in our body in the morning, as well as how we start our thoughts can make or break your 24 hours.

When I talk to my clients about this, they all ask the same question: "Well, how do YOU start your day?"

After years of training, trying and figuring out what works best for me, here is my morning:

• Alarm usually goes off at 5:30, but I do listen to my body. If I need more sleep, I stay in bed.

• I take the room temp water I left out the night before and add apple cider vinegar and lemon.

• I do a 3-5 minute meditation using the Mindspace App. I follow by prayer and a daily devotional.

• My workout switches daily from HIIT, yoga or a short run. 6 days a week. Sundays are my rest day.

• I detox my lymphatic system by using a dry brush and FasciaBlaster, while drinking tons more water.

• Hot shower with peppermint oil or another one of my favorite essential oils for clarity.

• If my kids are still asleep, I'll turn my phone back on from Airplane Mode and check emails, social media.

• My breakfast is usually a smoothie or smoothie bowl, depending on time. I always add greens and protein, either hemp seeds or hemp/pea powder protein from a reliable source.

• I take a daily pre + probiotic, along with specific Ayruvedic and Chinese Herbs for mind-gut connection, as well as a multivitamin and a high-quality fish oil.

It might sound like a lot before your head off to work or get the kids to school, but the more you implement your personal daily routine, it'll become just another amazing habit. And if you put all this nutritious food into your body and good thoughts into your mind, do you really want to ruin it later in the day by gossiping, skipping a workout, or opting for doughnuts when the 3pm slump hits? Nah.

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I help busy mamas go from burnout to mental vigor using the gut brain axis.


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