New Year, New You

And I don't really mean a new YOU because YOU are already amazing!

But this time of year is when most of us reevaluate our hopes, dreams, goals, decisions. Some can't stand the idea of resolutions, some thrive on them! I see both sides and set small goals all throughout the year that lead to bigger goals being met. I always encourage my clients to make 1, 3, + 6 month goals so they see a future but aren't overwhelmed.

This time of year can be exciting - new beginnings on the horizon. Most people kiss goodbye to the old year, but I challenge you to look at all the good things that happened this 2017. Even if this year was tough, there has to be some good days and reflecting on those will help you bring what you love into 2018. I made a gratitude list last week while sitting by the ocean and WOW was there a lot more to be thankful for than was swimming around in my head!

As far as your health goals go, after the sloppy schedules and thoughtless food choices of the holiday season, this is a great time to get back into a healthy eating and workout routine. How do I encourage people to restart? A cleanse with high-quality supplements that help eliminate toxins, lifting brain fog, jumpstarting metabolism and revamping energy. I am running a group cleanse starting January 8th so email me for details! Doing it as a group is the best! Support, accountability, sharing.

My biggest goal for this year is to get as many people healthy as possible. I don't want to see people crawling through their day anymore, struggling with disease, not able to feel as good as they can about themselves because of extra weight. I want to know - HOW CAN I HELP YOU?!

Join the forum - ask questions! Call me, email me...I'm here to help change habits, let you in on some nutrition secrets, figure out what foods work best for your indiviual body and hold your hand while you make the life changes necessary to make THIS year YOUR year.

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I help busy mamas go from burnout to mental vigor using the gut brain axis.


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