Food Focus: Thanksgiving

You have been KILLING it in the health department. Whole, nutritious foods. Supplementing properly. Exercising like it's your second job. Then?

Thanksgiving. EEK!

All this hard work for nothing! I'm cooking and cleaning and prepping and family is coming and it's stressful so I'm eating everything I'm prepping and working out? No way, no time!

It's the ripple effect that throws so many of us off this time of year. Yet, the truth is, it's not Thanksgiving dinner itself that takes away the amazing results we've been working so hard towards. It's not one meal that ruins the healthy habits we've adapted. One meal cannot do that! Unless we let it.

What usually happens around this time is we start with a hefty dinner on the day we give thanks for our food and we don't stop eating that type of food until January 1st! Wait, wait, we are hungover from New Years' Eve and need something greasy for today. Just today. We'll start tomorrow.

It doesn't have to be that way. But we do have to change our mindset! Below are a few tips I gave to my ladies nutrition group last week. Simple things to help this holiday not overhaul your health.

  • Treat it like one meal. Enjoy it. Every last bite of Nana's classic pie. Leave your table feeling full and thankful. No guilt. No shame.

  • Next day, move on. Wake up early and exercise. Make a healthy breakfast. If you have leftovers, eat less of them and be sure to add something healthy on your plate. Shop with Superfoods!

  • Saturday, get back on track! Thanksgiving does not last the whole weekend. Repeat actions from yesterday and make healthy meal and snack choices today. Continue exercise routine as you normally do. Have family in town? Invite them along.

  • During the holiday season, try to start each and every day off with a highly nutritious breakfast. I choose a nutrient dense, high quality protein smoothie. It's easy and I know if the rest of the day includes parties, shopping, etc. the best choices might not be available.

  • Take your vitamins! This is the time of year when we are run down physically and mentally, so if we are not getting what we need each day, our body will pay for it. And who wants to miss a holiday party due to a cold? Not me!

  • Upgrade your Thanksgiving meal. Choose organic green beans for your casserole. Dip carrots in hummus instead of pita chips. Enjoy one glass of wine, not five. Use natural sweeteners instead of white sugar when baking. Try quinoa flour instead of wheat! Pick something small to make your contribution better and share it with your family. It will encourage them to do the same.

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