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November 14, 2017





I talk a lot about cells. I care about the health and wellness of our cells. I know what to do to keep them strong, but today I want to tell you what they ARE so you can see just how important it is to keep them in tip top shape.


The human cell is a complex, living structure made of fat and protein. After we eat and our digestive system has it's way with our food, ours cells get to have a go. They are basically tiny processing plants. They use oxygen to convert nutrients from our food into the energy we use. 


Some are red blood cells, which literally make our blood it's color after we cut our skin. Some hold our DNA. Eye color, hair color, etc. Egg cells are a collection of your genes that can be passed down to the next generation! Truly amazing when we stop and think about it.


All our different types of cells work together as a team to create your physical being. When one of those team members aren't functioning, we end up sick. 


This is why WE must be a nutrition delivery system for our cells by finding the most nutrient-dense food possible so our cells can do everything they need to do. And because most of our food is grown with less nutrients than in the past, we have to supplement with high-quality vitamins and minerals that are proven to work.


We are what we eat. Heard that before? Good possibility. Maybe you've thought...clever, cute. But have you ever really thought about it? That the food we are intaking daily actually power the cells that power us? Food actually has the power to create the experiences we have! 


If our days are filled with energy, a clear head, happiness, productivity...well then chasing our kids around the park or tackling a project with passion are easy and enjoyable. If we feel sluggish, have bad digestion, a foggy brain or headache...we are losing valuable time on this earth. We were created to live healthy lives!


Remember: just because you can put something in your mouth, chew it, swallow it and poop it out, doesn't mean it's food. Quote courtesy of Mary Poster.


What is one thing you are doing TODAY to help your ever-important life-giving cells? More water? A potent multivitamin? Outdoor exercise? Green smoothie? Comment below!


Sources and Additional Reading:

Diaz, Cameron. "The Body Book", 2014.





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