How I Handle Halloween

Not going to lie. I used to dread thinking about being a mom during Halloween. I remembered back to being little, filling up pillow cases full of candy. I don't remember eating that much though - no overdosed sugar coma with a stomach ache. I more so remember the fun of running up to houses as leaves crunched under my feet. I remember the cool air (even available today here in SoFla!!) and my handmade Rainbow Brite costume. So why if MY childhood memories weren't all about candy was I worried I was ruining my kids' holiday by limiting the intake?

The truth is how I handle Halloween is pretty simple. I don't make a big deal about the candy and therefore, neither do my boys. Why was I overthinking this while pregnant?

So here is how it goes down. We dress up, most years like superheroes, eat a healthy and filling dinner before we hit the streets of Abacoa. The kids mecca of Palm Beach County. Some houses give out beers to adults and king-size candy bars to kids. My boys fill their cute little pumpkin buckets to the brim and then we go home. Once there, they are allowed to pick their favorite piece and eat it. They then get to pick a piece for their lunchbox the next day and that's it. Candy is then cleaned out overnight and either thrown away or given to my husband's work. The pumpkins are put away in the garage until next year. They know they have a special treat that night and the following day - that's it. I do explain why too much sugar is not good for their little bodies. They understand and except it.

I know this is working by the way they woke up this morning. Ryan (my 6 year old) remembered it was Halloween and rejoiced for the time he will have with his buddies. He said he is going to pick a lollipop for his one piece tonight and said no more. We as mothers do not have to feel guilty about "ruining" Halloween by not letting them eat all 400 pieces they collect. I promise!

What about the leftover candy at our house? Well, for where we live right now that's easy. We are not the big trick-or-treating area in the neighborhood so we actually don't buy any. We are out when the other kids are anyway so no one is home to give out candy. When we lived in NJ or in the future when we move, I will buy the "healthiest" candy I can (naturally-died options from Trader Joe's is a bit better) and mix some raisins in the bowl.

Again, it's all about upgrading our habits! We do not have to cancel Halloween - let's just make it a bit healthier than normal.

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